For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Admission to the library

To enter any of the Yamaguchi University libraries, students need to have a student ID card.

*If you are a student without your student ID card (for example, a course student or a research student), please use a "library user's card" instead.

How to Make a Library User's Card

Please submit the following items(*) to the information counter to apply for the user’s card. The user’s card is valid during your enrollment period at the university. If you plan to stay longer, you need to renew it.

(*)Required Items
  • An application form(available at the information counter)
  • A student card, or papers that show the faculty you belong to, your student status and your enrollment period at the University.

Using a Book

Borrowing a Book
Item amount limit and loan periods
  • Maximum number of books includes both books and periodicals.
  • Materials unavailable for borrowing : new periodicals, reference books, newspapers, etc.

【Undergraduate students】
  General Lib. Medical Lib. Engineering Lib.
Limit of items 5 5 8
(Books 5 / Periodicals 3)
Loan Periods Books 14 days 14 days 14 days
Periodicals 5 days 7 days 3 days

【Graduate students】
  General Lib. Medical Lib. Engineering Lib.
Limit of items 10 10 12
(Books 10 / Periodicals 12)
Loan Periods Books 30 days 14 days 30 days
Periodicals 5 days 7 days 3 days
Renewing a Book

You may renew books for one more loan period if no one else has requested it. Please apply at the information counter or at the automatic check-out machine with the books and a student ID card or a library user’s card. Online renewal is also available via MyLibrary.

*Please remember to renew books before their due date.

Returning a Book

Please return books to the library at the information counter or at the automatic check-out machine. When the library is closed, you may return items by posting them through in the Return Box at the main entrance.

*When books are not returned by the due date, you may receive a penalty of not being able to borrow anything for the number of days that the item was late. Please be aware of the date your books are due.

Using a Computer

To use a computer in the library, a university account (with a username and password) is required. You can apply for an account at the Media and Technology Center.
The copy card-operated printer is located in the library. When you print out with it from the PC, you must use your student card or a pre-paid card. You can buy a pre-paid card and also charge it at the CO-OP shop.

Using the Internet (LAN & Wi-Fi)

In each library, you can connect to a network with your own PC or smartphone via the Yamaguchi University network system. You must input your university account username and password in order to use the library’s internet connection.


General Library
Group Study Room
You can use this type of room to study in a group.
You need a reservation to use it. To make a reservation, please apply at the information counter.
  • Room 1, 2 ・・・ 20 people
  • Room 3, 4, 5 ・・・ 10 people

  • ★Group study rooms are for more than 3 people.
  • ★If you do not come to the information counter up to 15 minutes after the time you reserved, your booking may be cancelled. Please be sure to not be late.
Computer Laboratory
This area has 60 PCs and copy card-operated printers. When you use the printer, your student card or a pre-paid card (charged with money at the CO-OP shop) is required.
You can also borrow some items such as earphones, headphones, a LAN cable. To borrow any of these, please complete an application form at the information counter or the PC support counter.
Audio Visual Booths
There are 2 audio visual booths where you can watch or listen to the library’s audio visual materials (DVDs/videos). Please first apply at the information counter before using them.
Learning Commons (Academic Forest)
This is a space designed for active learning, especially group study or discussion. You can arrange tables and chairs according to the number of group members you have. You can also use the mobile or wall whiteboards freely.
Library Cafe
Lib Cafe is an available space for eating, where a vending machine is located. Please take a break any time you like.
Medical Library
Group Study Room
You can use one of these rooms to study in a group. You do not need to apply to use this area.
Audio Visual Room
You can watch or listen to the library’s audio visual materials in this room. You must make a reservation in order to use it. To do so, please apply at the information counter.
Engineering Library
Information Room
There are 30 PCs in the Information Room on the 2nd floor. The room is equipped with a screen and projector. Please feel free to use it when other classes or guidance sessions are not being held there.

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Request Materials from Another Library

Request Materials from Another Library (Fee-Based Service)

If the material you require is not available at Yamaguchi University, you can request it from another library (for a fee). Prior registration is also necessary, so please fill out a Web Application Usage Registration form at one of the campus libraries. We will give instructions about how to use the service when you have submitted your application.

Click here for details

  • *If your student status changes, such as graduating after studying as an undergraduate, or becoming a PhD student after studying at Masters level, please fill out and submit an application form again.
Materials Available for Request under Library Agreements (Free Service)

You can request materials from certain other libraries under arrangements made between these libraries and Yamaguchi University. This service is free of charge.
It takes 2-14 days for Yamaguchi University Library to receive the materials.

Cross-searching in Yamaguchi prefecture(With this site you can search all of the books held in stock by public libraries and university libraries in Yamaguchi Prefecture at once.)

Using Other University Libraries (Letters of Introduction)

If you need a letter of introduction in order to use another university’s library, please inquire below.

  • *As it takes time to issue a letter of introduction, please inquire at least several days before you require it.
Contact (Weekdays: 8:30-17:00):
The General Library
Tel:083-933-5183 (extension 5183)
The Medical Library
Tel:0836-22-2142 (extension 2142)
The Engineering Library
Tel:0836-85-9051 (extension 9051)

Book Purchase Request from Students

Every student can request purchasing books which are relating to study or research, etc.

1.The following books are NOT applicable.
  • Books that General Library, Medicine Library or Engineering Library already hold.
  • Books that is impossible to purchase for out-of-print , etc.
  • Books that fail to meet selection criteria.
  • Hobby, amusement and how-to books
  • Workbook
  • Newspaper, Periodicals
  • Manga
  • Books which prices are less than 1,000 yen.

2.The following books will be purchased (or not) after our Committee’s discussion.
It may take time to decide it.
  • Books that are out-of-print, but are able to purchase as old books.
  • Books that we doubt whether it is appropriate as collections of university libraries.
  • Books that are not for study or research, and are available at neighbor public libraries.
  • Books which prices are more than 20,000 yen.


About the Terms of 24 Hours Special Use (Medical Library Only)

It is possible for the Medical Library to be used for 24 hours, instead of only during the usual opening hours. This service is available to staff and graduate students of all faculties, as well as undergraduate students belonging to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

To use this service, pre-application and a short (approximately 15 minutes) guidance session is required. Please check the dates and times of upcoming sessions by visiting the counter of the Medical Library, and reserve a place at least 1 hour before the guidance session starts. The form to apply for a place can also be found at the Medical Library counter.

Please note that this service must be applied for 2 days in advance.