Admission to the library

A “Library User’s Card” is necessary to enter the library and borrow library materials. This card is available at the General Library, the Medical Library, and the Engineering Library. Please keep this card with care.

Application for Issue/Renewal of Library User’s Card

Please submit an application form along with one of the identification documents listed below. A library user’s card is valid until March 31st of the year of issue. After March 31st it must be renewed. People who are 18 years old or above, people conducting research or surveys for academic purposes and members of the public undertaking formal or informal study (lifelong learning) may apply to receive or renew a library card. The required documents for application are as follows:

  • An application form(available at the information counter)
  • Identification card (Driving License, Health Insurance Card, etc.)

Using a Book

Borrowing a Book

Please note that we are only able to lend books; magazines, reference books, newspapers and audio visual materials may only be used in the library. Books kept in offices are also unavailable for borrowing.

  General Lib. Medical Lib. Engineering Lib.
Limit of items 3 2 2
Loan Periods 14 days 14 days 14 days

Renewing a Book

You may renew books for one more loan period if no one else has requested it. Please apply at the information counter or at the automatic check-out machine with the books and a library user’s card.

  • *Please remember to renew books before their due date.
Returning a Book

Please return books to the library at the information counter or at the automatic check-out machine. When the library is closed, you may return items by posting them through in the Return Box at the main entrance.

  • *When books are not returned by the due date, you may receive a penalty of not being able to borrow anything for the number of days that the item was late. Please be aware of the date your books are due.
About Requesting Yamaguchi University Library Materials and Services by Mail
・Application Procedure for Photocopying
If you belong to a university, technical college or similar, please apply through the library of your affiliated institution.
If you are a member of the general public, please apply by e-mail or fax.
Fee: unit cost (black-and-white= 40 yen per sheet, color= 80 yen per sheet) × the number of copies + postage.
・How to Pay Photocopy/Inter Library Loan Fees
When the photocopy is ready to mail out, we will inform you of the fee. Please pay your charge by registered mail, postal order in advance or by bank transfer (The applicant is responsible for the transfer cost).
If you belong to a university, technical college or similar, please apply through your affiliated institution’s library.
Members of the general public are required to apply through their nearest public library (this does not apply for office materials).
Using Rare or Special Books

If you wish to use rare or special books, please follow the set procedures. Please make an inquiry in advance through one of the following methods.

*In the case of inquiring by telephone, please call us between 8:30 and 17:00 on weekdays when the General Library is open.

The General Library
Information Service Section
Tel:083-933-5183 (extension 5183)


General Library
Audio Visual Booths
There are 2 audio visual booths where you can watch or listen to the library’s audio visual materials (DVDs/videos). Please first apply at the information counter before using them.
Learning Commons (Academic Forest)
This is a space designed for active learning, especially group study or discussion. You can arrange tables and chairs according to the number of group members you have. You can also use the mobile or wall whiteboards freely.
When you display slides or pictures on the large-sized display screens, you need an exclusive connector. Please apply for this at the information counter.
Library Cafe
Lib Cafe is an available space for eating, where a vending machine is located. Please take a break any time you like.