Discovery Service

With this site you can search a wide variety of resources such as books, journals and electronic resources all in one go.


You can search the e-journals which are available at Yamaguchi University


A list of e-books available at Yamaguchi University

Remote Access

It is possible to use e-journals and databases when you are outside the university via the remote access service.
Registration is required before you can use it.
*This service is limited to Yamaguchi University undergraduate students, graduate students and staff.

Institutional Repository
YUNOCA (Yamaguchi University Navigator for Open Access Collection and Archives)

Here you can find digital resources created by members of Yamaguchi University (for example, articles in publications issued by the university)

Policy on Acceptable Use of E-Resources

Before using the e-resources available through this website, please read carefully both the “Policy on Acceptable Use of E-Resources” and the list of “Prohibited Activities”.