Remote Access

This service is only available to Yamaguchi University undergraduate students, graduate students, and staff university. If you wish to register as a remote access user, you will need to visit your faculty library or the main library.

People Who Are Not Yet Registered (Available inside the university)

People Who Have Already Registered (Log in)

While Using Remote Access

The remote access service uses a system called ”EZproxy”. This service can be effectively used only within the scope allowed by the EZproxy system.
For example, if you follow links many times from one e-journal to another, you may go out of the range of the system’s capability.
You can confirm whether you remain within the range of the system or not by checking the web page’s URL.


When you are within the range of the EZ proxy system, the URL of the page you are on will contain "". Remote Access is valid only for pages that include this URL.
If you go out of range, you will need to go back to the previous site.

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